Monday, August 21, 2017

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This is a picture of the old BNZ bank in Wellington.

In the 19th century, most buildings were often built out of timber because timber was much easier to get.  But the owner wanted to build it out of stone. The owners of the building wanted it to be more of a permanent building.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Build a Possum Cage

You will need
1. Chicken wire
2. Metal Pipe
3. Hinges X2  
4. Large fish hook X3
5. Grinder
6. Welder
7. Plyers
8. Blow Torch
9. Rod

1. Gather all of your tools together
2. Use the grinder to cut 4 pieces of 80 cm pipe and 13 pieces of 35 cm pipe. Then make a rectangular box and weld it all together. Half way through on the top of the cage put a piece of 35 cm pipe and weld it on.

3. Get the chicken wire and wrap it around the cage except for the front then spot weld the wire to the cage

4. For the door Weld 4 pieces of Metal Pipe to make a 2d square, then put a piece of 40 cm piece of rod at the top and heat up the end with the blow torch. Then use the plyers to bend it so it looks like a loop.

5. Where you put the 35cm pipe in the middle of the cage get some rod and wind it around the pipe. Then put a little piece that sticks out on the top of the cage. Then make the other end of the rod go down into the cage and weld the hook to the end of the rod to put your bait on.   

6. Next you are going to do the thing that holds the door shut. Cut a 35 cm piece of pipe and weld it to the front of the cage. then put a 37cm piece of rod and put it through the 35cm pipe. Then weld two hooks to the ends of the rod so that the cage should look like this when it ts set.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Rendered Image
Border Collies are known as sheep dogs. Although you can also have them pets. Border collies are quick thinkers, energetic and have very sharp eyes. This makes them great for working with sheep.

Over in Scotland they call the Border Collie Scottish Sheep Dog. The male Border Collie can weigh up to 40-80 kgs and the female can weigh up to 30-70kgs. The male can grow up to 48cm in height and the female 42-46 in height. People say Border Collies can have up to eight puppies at the most.

They can come in different colours. But the most common colours are brown, black, red, sable etc. They work with other animals quite well. Border Collies have a lifespan of 10 to 17 years. They are very high maintenance and they need to be walked for 45 minutes every day.

Christopher and I like Border Collies because they look nice,fluffy and have a lovely nature.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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Last Saturday at ten, Mum was taking me over to Adam's place for the day.         
When I got there we went out to the shed where they keep their motorbikes. I went and did some jumps on the 50 while I waited for Adam to get the key for the 110.
We drove into the track paddock and  
did some laps and and Adam showed me the goldfish. We went back for lunch we  had baked beans and a saveloy. Then we put jack down the hole in the side of the tramp that we call the elevator. Then we took the motorbikes out and played hide and seek. I went and hid on the hill and he drove past me. Then Adam and I went down and made a track down by the workshop. After that we went down to the old woolshed and played Shear and Runaway Lamb and then Adam decided to chase a ram-lamb under the shed and I had to go in and get it out. When we went back to the workshop Katie took the 110 and
Adam had to chase after her on the 50. When we got the motorbikes back Adam showed me his room at his new house. Then we put the motorbikes back into the shed and Mr Kelly took me home.

by christopher